The Public Parts of Public Education


In this post, I’d like to expand on the review of Jeff Jarvis’s latest book, Public Parts, by posting some quotes from the book which touch upon issues of education. Jarvis, not exactly known as an educationist, makes a few brief mentions, comments, and suggestions regarding school either directly or indirectly. In the sections suggesting . . . → Read More: The Public Parts of Public Education

Public Parts “Book” Review

Public Parts Cover

In this non-book, Jeff Jarvis, journalism professor, author (What Would Google Do?), and Tweeter/blogger/Google+’er extraordinaire, attempts to navigate the increasingly murky waters dividing our public and private lives. I call it a non-book in the McLuhan sense, in that the book is far from traditional. It has no numbered chapters, contains quotes from Twitter users . . . → Read More: Public Parts “Book” Review