Tools and Useful Links

Wolfram Alpha: Think of it as a super-charged online graphing calculator. Check out the Examples to get some ideas. This can be used for much, much more than just math class!

Math 12: Explained! Excellent collection of PDF’s covering Transformations, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Sequences/Series, and Permutations/Combinations, with examples, practice questions, and sample exams.


Wired Math from the University of Waterloo: some excellent flash games for a variety of topics – numbers, fractions, algebra, geometry, and more [Math 7- 10]

Multiplication Flash Games from a Woodlands Jr. in the UK: students can learn multiplication by playing flash games just as easily as they can by doing worksheets. Multiplication is such an essential skill for almost all facets of math – it makes more advanced math such as algebra, geometry, and calculus so much easier to understand. [Math 2-8]


More to come . . .