How to rip songs from YouTube videos

I recently realized that the ability to download songs from YouTube videos is not as well known as I thought. More than once in the past week, I mentioned to someone that I downloaded a song from YouTube and they had no idea what I was talking about.

So, I thought I’d share this website called, which allows you to download any audio track from a YouTube video in a manner of seconds. It’s quite easy, and only requires three simple steps:

1) Copy the URL from the YouTube video (this is the html link in your browser address bar – it starts with http://).
2) Paste the URL into ‘Enter YouTube URL’ field on the ListenToYouTube site and then click the blue ‘GO‘ button.
3) The site will load for a moment, and then you will see a download link.

Warning: some ads are designed with a big DOWNLOAD button, but if you actually read the text, you’ll see that it’s not the link you want. You should see a ‘Continue to ListenToYouTube’ link in the top right corner. This leads to another page with a second link, which should allow you to begin your download. This usually only happens the first time you go to the site.

♦ Note that you can pick Standard or High Quality before converting, and also be aware of pop-up ads. I’ve found that most ads on this site are pretty easy to just click ‘Hide‘ or ‘Close Ad’ on though.

♦ Also note that the 3rd and final step (navigating through annoying ads to find the download link) is the longest. It figures.


Anyway, this site works well for students or teachers who are making their own videos and want to add a soundclip or piece of music that they can only find on YouTube. Just make sure to give credit to the original artist or source, and you’re good to go!

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