Calvin and Hobbes at school

A collection of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips to use in the classroom

Calvin has never enjoyed much about school: the bullying, the homework, and perhaps his least favourite of all, the tests. He certainly is creative though, and comes up with some gems for answers.


And speaking of trick questions, perhaps he relies on Susie Derkins just a little bit too much:

On the uselessness of memorizing dates:


On the ever-quoted buzzphrase, 21st century learning:

(Calvin was clearly ahead of his time.)


You have to appreciate Calvin’s honesty. How many of us (teachers and students alike) can identify with this?

Calvin and Math

Like many students, Calvin has never been confident with numbers. He’s often forced to ask Susie Derkins for answers in class, and makes full use of his surprisingly math-literate tiger, Hobbes, for homework help. I’ve shown some of these C & H strips before a lesson as a way to try to illustrate the somewhat arbitrary nature of mathematics.

Be careful with this one. Some students can really run with the math atheist idea:


I think Hobbes is on to something. Vector addition perhaps? A+ for effort and ingenuity, that’s for sure!

And lastly, who knew that tigers had developed the ability to understand and work with imaginary numbers?


If you liked these strips, you’d definitely like The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book. It is perhaps the best place to start reading Calvin and Hobbes, as author Bill Watterson offers anecdotal tidbits throughout the book, explaining the origins of characters, story lines, and in some cases, the political or philosophical messages he was trying to convey. I posted a review of the book yesterday. And then if you’re really serious about Calvin and Hobbes, you could check out The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set as well. Thanks for reading!

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