This site is about some very broad topics we associate with learning including but not limited to education, reading, books, and technology. I am a new teacher of secondary math and sciences, living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I am interested in the big ideas  surrounding how, what, and why we learn. I think that too often we get a little bit too caught up in the day-to-day details of teaching, losing sight of the goals, purpose, and ends of education.  A lot of my thinking on learning, education, and the classroom stems from the work of Marshall McLuhan, Neil Postman, and perhaps Isaac Asimov, among others.

There is a lot of discussion in staff rooms, at professional development workshops, and of course online about what the 21st century classroom looks like, what it should look like, and where it’s heading. It’s slowly becoming clear to educators that in a digital age, the role of the classroom needs to be re-imagined. There are countless teachers, administrators, students, and parents out there who are making changes and transforming our understanding of what and how we learn. Social media is allowing people from across the globe and from all walks of life to connect with each other, share ideas, and become exposed to new thoughts, opinions, and perspectives.

I don’t know exactly what shape this site will take, and of course it will probably change and evolve, but I’d like to post news articles and opinions from the world of education, as well as reviews of books which might be of interest to teachers, parents, and students. It will also (eventually) contain a directory of links to lesson plans and activities.

I hope you find something you like. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, comments, and complaints.